December 1, 2021

Another favorite spot to visit when in the Washington / Virginia surrounding areas is the National Harbor – minutes from Washington, DC.  We have been coming here for years.

Several months ago, we found Masons Famous Lobster Rolls by a fluke, I am so happy we did. 

To me, summer screams Lobster Rolls.  


Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls is as authentic as you are going to get.  Named after Dan Beck’s son Mason, who actually is not a fan of lobster.   The flagship location was established in 2014 and is housed in Annapolis, MD.

 Five years later they have 8 locations in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North, and South Carolina with a new location opening soon in Washington, DC. Boy, I wish they would open a location down the Jersey Shore; I would be a regular visitor.

The lobster is so fresh and has a sweet succulent taste.  Each bite you taste the simple flavors that make up the roll. Chunks of lobster meat that is not rubbery but tender. The rolls are buttery and browned to perfection; you will never find your sandwich drenched in mayo but just enough to give it a subtle taste and not mask the flavor.  

The restaurant offers five types of lobster rolls and one shrimp roll (for those who are not lobster fans…talking to your mom). The menu runs anywhere between $10 – $20 for a roll and their sides are no more than $5.00.


The Classic Roll – Fresh lobster with a bit of mayo and lemon on the toasted bun.

Connecticut Roll – Warm, buttered lobster on the regulation bun. Just lobster, nothing else. 


Lobster Salad Roll – Served chilled tossed in celery, mayo, and lemon dressing. 


Lobster BLT Roll – Lobster, bacon, lettuce, tomato


Shrimp Roll – Jumbo shrimp tossed in mayo, celery, and lemon. 


The Bar Harbor – Chose any Mason’s Famous Roll and get meat from a 1 ¼ lb lobster – including the tail. 



I’m getting myself hungry just thinking about these.



Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls are all about the rolls but guys, let me tell you about another favorite, their New England clam chowder is best by far.  JC enjoys putting Tabasco for a kick where I on the other hand enjoy plain and simple.  Mason’s sure doesn’t skimp on the clams.  There is a nice spoon to clam and potato ratio.  



Next time we’re in town, I have to try the Lobster Bisque topped with lobster meat.

Hopefully, Mason’s will open near you.  If not and your near one stop on in.  You’ll be glad you did. The National Harbor shop is nestled between Chipotle and Fiorella, an Italian eatery.


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