January 20, 2022

When asked what your plans are for the summer, in New Jersey, there is at least several trips to the Shore.  For my fellow readers not from the area, The Jersey Shore is the happening spot, especially in the summer.

Trips to the Shore is not all about sunbathing, “GTL”, boardwalks and people watching.  Food is way up on the list.  A must for you shore/foodie lovers is a new place called Hamburger Patty’s, located in Keyport right off of Rte 36. They have now been in business for a little over a year.

When JC told me last year there was a new restaurant in town, I couldn’t wait to check it out.  They always have a crowd and the food comes out at a nice steady pace.  Everything is made to order and homemade.

Some of our favorite items include:

Classic Cheeseburger Patty

You have never experienced a cheeseburger like theirs.  Hot homemade Cheese Wiz smothers the 5 oz Angus beef, mouthwatering and cooked to perfection.  The Cheese Wiz is golden goodness.  It gets even better, you can even have their buttermilk fried chicken labeled with this yummy goodness.  Oh, yea!!!!

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

There is no more dreaming of The Nashville Hot Chicken.  Look no more, you have found the place.  JC has had this twice; he can’t get enough.

The Beyond Burger

It sure tastes like the real deal even though it’s 100% plant-based patty.

What differs them from other Burger joints at the shore is the Beyond Burger.  Vegans you are in for a treat and the Beyond Burger can be made into a Nashville Hot Beyond Burger or even served with golden goodness.

Cheesy Fries

Smothered in their golden goodness of homemade Cheese wiz. Idaho potatoes are hand-cut to the right thickness, fresh, and are never frozen from a bag.

Jumbo Tater Kegs

Think of deep-fried mash potatoes stuffed with cheddar and bacon. Almost like a potato croquette. Served with both a side of ketchup and whiz. So delicious.

Oh, guys, I forgot to tell you. All of their sandwiches are also served with their “special sauce”.

Hamburger Patty’s will accommodate any guest dietary needs…..the Keto diet, no carbs, vegan. You have a request they will try their hardest to meet your wishes.

Jumbo chocolate chip cookies catch your eye at the counter.  Homemade on-premise, they look so good.  I never have room for dessert but the next visit will be all about them.

Trish, the manager is super sweet and is very personable. All of their employees shine.  Everyone is amazing and so is the food.

Hamburger Patty’s is owned by Jerry and Patty who are also the owners of The Phunky Elephant Gastropub in Staten Island, NY.

If you do anything this summer make sure you add Hamburger Patty’s to your list of must-stops when visiting the Shore. Your taste buds will be blown away.

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