January 20, 2022

Do you want to go to a place “Where Everyone Knows Your Name”?

Look no further, Grumpy Boba’s is your place to go.  Established in May 2018, Grumpy’s has been in business for a little over two years.  They were the first tea cafe using whole and organic ingredients in New Jersey.

Grumpy Bobas is nestled in the middle of Main Street in Somerville, NJ, and is by far the best I have ever had.

Since November of 2018, I have been treating myself to some yummy goodness known as Bubble “Boba” Tea each Friday.   If I don’t get my weekly fix, I go through Boba’s withdrawals.  I love when you go to a shop and they know you by name. Honestly, it’s always a ray of sunshine when walking into their shop. I can be a little bias as the shop screams Sweet Tea color blue.

Bubble tea is served cold and usually with a fat wide straw so you can suck up those yummy Boba pearls.

The first time I tried to insert my straw into the cute plastic cover I made a mess all over their counters. I felt really embarrassed but this probably happens to all newcomers.

They were so understanding and even made me a new drink. But, in my defense, I do not have the greatest hand and eye coordination. I have finally mastered the straw technique.  Yes, I know….say no more.

The Bobas inside the drink is chewy tapioca pearls. They are the size of Blueberries and taste like gummy bears.  –who wouldn’t be addicted.

Grumpy Bobas has a couple of varieties of boba teas. You can either go with a classic boba (my fave) or, with fruitier options. Either choice, you will not be disappointed.

Once you figure out your tea, next is how you like it.

Milk: organic, Oat, or almond.
Sweetness Percentage:
100, 75 (recommended),50, 25 or none.

My drink of choice is black tea, organic milk, cream, with 75% sweetness.

Grumpy even has a milk series you can indulge in.  Whipped cream cheese foam on top of the teas. Choices include their milk cloud black tea, milk cloud black milk tea, milk cloud mango green tea, and milk cloud matcha latte

Two new drinks. Coco for Bananas and Coconuts Rooibos Chai Milk Tea.

The Coconuts Rooibos Chai Milk tea is caffeine-free.  I am a huge fan of Coconut and Chai. Put these two together and it’s a no-brainer; this tea has Sweet Tea all over it….. first sip and you in love.

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