January 20, 2022

Back when we moved to New Jersey over a decade ago. (Oh my, that seems like a life time ago) I was watching Martha Stewart around Thanksgiving and she was talking about a shop that she frequently shopped at, Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk, Connecticut. The store looked amazing and the owner Stew Leonard, Jr was so sweet. You can tell when someone is putting on a show for the camera. Stew Jr is genuine.

I quickly jumped online to find the closest to us……Yonkers, NY. I told JC we need to go even though it was an hour and half from us. He just gave me a look and said we’ll go soon. I knew that meant I was going by myself.

A few years went by and while we were driving to Sleepy Hallow for one of our many Fall/Halloween traditions I spotted Stew Leonard’s. I squalled like a little kid and knew on our way back we were stopping.  Guess what, we didn’t.

Fast Forward a year later, the Alamo Draft House opened in Yonkers. JC was excited and said I got us tickets to see the 80’s movie, The Princess Bride.  I told him I would go but we need to go to Stew Leonard’s.   If JC wanted a movie partner he would have to give in and he did.

Three years later since from first trip to the Yonkers location, Stew Leonard’s opened up a location in Paramus,NJ I. 2019.

Stew Leonard’s is like no other store.   It’s actually known as the largest Dairy Store. I feel like I’m at Disney, when shopping you see an animated show around ever corner.  This is perfect for the kiddos big and small.

When you First walk in, you’re teased with a small section of fruits and veggies to entice you. Around the corner you smell the array of baked goods from jelly donuts, apple fritters, and even homemade Apple Pies.

Remember I said they had fruits and Veggies to entice you. In the middle of the store there are several rows of fruit and veggies.  From large salads to feed you for days, to mangos, cherries and peppers galore.

Delicious soups come in 32oz containers. Italian Wedding Soup, Minestrone, New England and Manhattan Clam Chowder, Lobster Bisque, Corn Chowder and Strawberry soup to name a few.  Several of their soups are even Gluten Free.

Homemade fresh Mozzarella made daily.

A Butcher shop where they will custom cut your meats for you.

Fresh baked bread and bagels.

They have fresh fish off the boat, sushi, delicious pizza and even BBQ to name a few.

Make sure you pick up a sweet little treat for your pup as well.

Before even walking into the store you they have a Commitment Rock.

Rule 1 The Customer is Always Right!
Rule 2 If The Customer Is Ever Wrong, Reread Rule 1

The story goes, two weeks after opening the first store (1969) a customer walked in and stated the Egg Nog was sour. Stew Sr., couldn’t believe nor did he want to believe his customer. He gave the women back her money (at the time only .95, wish it was still reasonable). She left and turned around declaring “I’m never coming back to this store again”  When he went home that night, he told his wife, Marianne and she was upset at Stew for not believing his customer. From there the rock was created.

During the holidays, they have a large Christmas tree farm and a spooky Halloween patch. My pumpkins and Christmas Wreaths (we have a fake tree) have lasted like no other ones I ever have had.

Since my first trip to Stews I’ve been back many times bringing everyone I can think of.  I’m so excited that they opened one in Paramus. I can’t get enough.

They even have a new shoppers program. For every $100 spent, shoppers can get a free scoops of ice cream or hot coffee.  I currently have 3 freebies and $18 away from my 4th.

I’m addicted to their Pistachio frozen yogurt.

I hope if you spot a Stew Leonard you take some time for a visit.

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