January 20, 2022

We had such a delicious treat this past weekend.  We headed down to South Philly for some OOEY GOOEY cheesesteak.  Oh, how I love myself a delicious cheesesteak.  Every once in a while I’ll make them at home but they do not compare to those of the City of the Brotherly love.

While standing in the middle of 9th Street and Passyunk Ave, I  couldn’t decide if I wanted Pat’s or Geno’s.  They are both so good but a little different from each other.

A little quick history: Geno’s and Pat’s are two rivals across the street from one another.  The cheesesteak was created in 1930 by the original owner of Pat’s, Pat and Harry Olivieri.  36 years later, Geno’s launched their establishment directly across the street and the rest is history.

So, what does one look for in a good cheesesteak?  You want a sturdy Italian baked hero roll, sturdy enough to hold the filling but also soft in the middle so it can absorb all of the juices. Next, chopped griddle-fried beef and melted cheese and your choice of adding fried onions or no onions.

The line moves rather quickly and you need to be on top of your game. The first time I studied up as I didn’t want to give away I was a tourist. I was psyching myself out.  I can do it, I can do it. I got up to the window and guess what, I fumbled.  Yes, I fumbled!!!

The typical cheesesteak at Genos or Pat has the following:

  • Chopped or sliced griddle steak
  • Cheese Options (Cheese Wiz, Provolone, American)
  • Onions

So how does one order:

  • Step 1:
    Specify if you want your steak with (wit) or without (wit-out) onions
  • Step 2:
    Specify Plain – cheese whiz, Provolone, American Cheese
  • Step 3:
    Have your money ready

Here is some helpful lingo for ordering.

Cheese Wiz

Could I please have a whiz with (cheese whiz with onions)

If you are not a fan of onions like JC you would say, Could I please have a Whiz without (cheese whiz without onions)


Could I please have an American with (American with onions)
Could I please have an American   without (American without onions)


Could I please have a Provolone with (Provolone with onions)
Could I please have a  Provolone without (Provolone without onions)

I look back at first my order and how could I mess up.  If you can picture it, standing in line, they say next. I head up and say “Can I have a Whiz with Cheese Wiz”. I can’t forget the look on the lady’s face. I quickly corrected myself and said: Can I have a  Whiz with”. I whipped the sweat off my brow and moved down the line and the next person was called up to the window.

Make sure you bring old fashion cash.  Both establishments only take cash, not credit, checks, monopoly money.  Just the good old green.

Since I couldn’t decide on Pat or Geno’s and I knew I was going to be sharing with JC, I decided to spread the brotherly love and go to both Geno’s and Pat’s.

At Geno’s, I ordered a Whiz with

Pat, I ordered a Whiz without.

You can not go wrong with either, but on this particular day, Geno’s was the winner for us.

The prices are subject to change, but  in 2020 the going rate for the Cheesesteak is$11.00

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